Do you want to protect and monitor your home effectively? Good initiative.

A burglary does not happen by chance. Often, the accommodation is observed; they monitor the comings and goings of the occupants until one takes action. Many solutions are inexpensive and simple to implement. Here are a few that may inspire you! You will have all the cards in hand to secure your home yourself.

Protect your home from burglary through the implementation of several good habits, valid for all household members.

Invest in a burglar alarm is probably one of the best ways to protect against break-in. However, this is not the only solution to adequately protect your home during your absence. Here are some proven tips to secure your home without an alarm.

Strengthen the security of your home without using an alarm

There are now various products suitable for securing housing.

  • Locks to be installed on all doors in the home
  • Armored entrance door
  • Window reinforcement tool (thick curtains, shutters, reinforced glazing, etc.)
  • Update your locks. A padlock or key lock to be installed on the house gate

For valuables, it is possible to install a safe in the house (sometimes expensive) or to place them in the bank (for a hundred euros per year). It is advisable to draw up a list of his precious goods and objects, with supporting photos.

A burglar-proof door

Have a burglar-proof door installed, capable of withstanding an intrusion attempt for 5 minutes. It will deter burglars. In so-called risk areas, mechanical protections are added to the mechanism. Concerning the lock, its resistance can classify into three levels, from the less efficient to the more dynamic, from AP1 to AP3.

Protect your home by simulating your daily presence

A burglary rarely occurs without an initial detection period. The thief ensures the vacancy of the house. In the event of prolonged absence, it is, therefore, advisable to simulate your presence in the home.

  • Ask your trustworthy friend or neighbor to come from time to time at home to collect the mail. (Blatant indication of the absence of the owners).
  • You can equip yourself with lighting that works with a random timer. The programmer thus turns on the lights in one or two areas of the house.
  • One can also install a light with a presence detector, which can be enough to dissuade the burglar.

Warn your departure to protect his house better

It is advisable to warn your neighbors of your imminent departure. They will, therefore, be more alert in the event of suspicious movements around the home.

Be Smart on Social Media

It is not an ace idea to warn of your departure on social networks. So, avoid sharing of information on social media about your trip or departure. The accounts of these networks are not always well protected, and information circulates there very quickly.

Burglars even use certain specific keywords to identify and locate future vacationers.

Protect your home without an alarm using high-tech solutions

Our ultra-connected world had to offer new possibilities to protect a home. Thanks to new technologies, it is now possible to protect your home without an alarm.

These products generally all go through the internet box and are mainly intended to deter burglars. They are therefore considered as preventive treatments unlike the previous.

Install IP cameras

IP cameras are traditional, high-resolution cameras connected to the internet. They transmit a streaming video that can be viewed as life or broadcast using a smartphone app.

You can, therefore, check the condition of your accommodation directly. Even on the other side of the world, and if necessary, notify the police.

In general, a network of connected cameras is a very dissuasive system for burglars.

Connected lighting: Use it to your advantage

Bulbs and connected lamps are more and more affordable. In addition to their aesthetics, they can offer an improvement in safety.

You can use them remotely, no matter where you’re in the world. They can very easily simulate a presence in vacant accommodation.

Occupied housing is less likely to be burglarized than a vacant house. Connected bulbs can, therefore, help you protect your home without an alarm.

Dummy cameras and alarms: How effective?

Finally, for those who wish to install a very affordable solution, it is possible to install dummy elements. Generally, this equipment is of dummy camera type or dummy alarm parts.

I hope this article will help you to understand how to secure your home without an alarm. If you know any other inexpensive tips to secure your abode, share with us in a comment.
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