How to protect your car against theft? Are you afraid of losing your lovely and expensive car? Don’t give free rein to potential thieves who tempted to steal or break into your vehicle. And preferably, also insure yourself against theft. Obviously, there is nothing more absurd than having your property stolen. Not really! Here we will discuss some tips to prevent your car and possibly its contents from being targeted.

A phenomenon that does not run out of steam

Did you know that in Canada, one car stole every 7 minutes and found only 1 in 10?

With such figures, it is not surprising that the costs of auto theft worry:

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada:

  • Auto theft costs Canadians nearly $1 billion annually.
  • Insurers spent $542 million to repair or replace stolen vehicles.
  • It costs $250 million a year for police forces, healthcare, and court costs associated with auto thefts.
  • The average value of the stolen vehicle was $20,000 in 2017.

Discover our tips to avoid your car from being stolen!


Like many, you probably leave your insurance certificate, driver’s license, and registration certificate in your vehicle. But do you know that you are making life easier for thieves?

Indeed, if he is intercepted while driving your vehicle, he could tell the police that you lent him your vehicle. If you have not yet declared the theft, he will be able to get away without being worried.


The best way to avoid car theft is not to tempt thieves. When you leave the vehicle, avoid leaving valuables such as a handbag, a telephone, or even clothing in sight. Because this could tempt thieves. Also, hide the various connection cables, they may suggest that there are precious objects in your car. And even if the person does not steal your vehicle, you would still find yourself with a broken window.

Thieves love easy prey, always make sure your car is securely locked. Do not rely on the remote control. Some professional thieves have jammers that prevent the signal from functioning normally. Also, to prevent robbers from breaking into your car by activating the central locking system. It is very crucial and conducive, especially if you are alone.

If you do not have a garage, park your vehicle on the street next to your house. Avoid parking your car as much as possible on the street with little traffic. Moreover, don’t park in a poorly lit area, because your vehicle will become a target for thieves. Similarly, in a car park, do not place your vehicle on the fund places. Never leave the key on the ignition. Avoid leaving the engine running in your absence, if only for a few minutes, as it can cost you a lot.


No protection system is entirely foolproof. Experienced thieves always find ways to get around them, but their presence has the merit of dissuading malicious people. The mere sight of a steering wheel lock, which connects the steering wheel to the brake pedal or the gear lever, can discourage a thief. As their goal is to act as quickly as possible so as not to be spotted, they generally opt for the least protected car possible. Investing in an alarm system is a wise choice. The buzzer is often enough to persuade thieves to give up. If you’ve a luxury model, it would be safer to invest in a remote tracking system. So you can track your vehicle and hope to get it back.


In addition to the alarm system whose ringtone remains very dissuasive, adopt a few simple gestures that can make a thief back off. When parking on the street, always turn your wheels toward the inside of the sidewalks. The maneuver will be more delicate, and thieves who wish to tow your vehicle to steal it will give up. If you keep your vehicle in your garden or yard at night, set up a light security system that turns on when motion is detected. Thieves like to work in the dark, the light that turns on makes them feel like they are being watched and will scare them away.

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