How to stop burglars from targeting your home?

How to stop burglars from targeting your home?
How to stop burglars from targeting your home?

Our home is our palace, and its security is our significant priority. Homeowners must know how to stop burglary for targeting your home. Obviously, no one will like to compromise with this threat. All of us will go whole the nine yards to secure our residence, property, and loved one.

The number of burglaries is overgrowing in our country. What can you do to avoid being a victim?

According to the investigation of the Federal Bureau, more than 1.7 million crimes are recorded in previous years.  In which 73% are residence criminalities. FBI report shows that three burglaries in one minute make it a second most frequent crime. From these statistics, it seems no one is secure. However, there’re a myriad ways that help you to secure your home from burglar targeting. By following these ways, you can protect yourself from becoming the victim of burglaries.

Do not publish your vacation plans

Don’t talk about your vacation on social media. At least not before you return from vacation or trip. Ditto at the baker or the butcher; customers can hear what you say. Announcing your absence in this way makes your home a target. Make sure your mailbox is empty. Moreover, make sure that someone mowed your lawn when you leave for a long time. You can also ask your friend or neighbor to monitor your home.

Don’t give your personal information on social media. It is also a nifty way to thwart burglars from targeting your home. Never mention that you’ve made significant purchases or that you’ve gone on vacation on social media. If an evil person notices your acquisitions or your absence from the house for an extended period, they will be more likely to mark your abode.

Make your house visible

The high hedges, bushes, and trees protect you from prying eyes. But they also hide the burglar who is trying to break into your home. Social control of neighbors and passers-by can be crucial at these times. Trim your shrubs and bushes to make your house clearly visible. Make sure there is not any hidden area or dark spot where intruders can hide.

Lock for added security

Lock all your doors, windows, grilles, and gates securely when you leave the house, even if it is only for a short time. Burglars don’t need more than 30 seconds to break into your home.  A few minutes are enough for them to take away valuables (PC, tablet, jewelry, etc.). Remove the keys from the lock, and do not hide them under a flower pot or under the mat. Did you know that your insurer will not compensate you for your carelessness? Especially if the expert can prove that the door was not locked or that the tilt-and-turn window was ajar.

Furthermore, install sturdy, thick doors that cannot be broken into, to prevent burglars from targeting your home. Also, install the right quality windows that create a strong barrier against theft.

Secure all your valuables

Your visible valuables can attract the trespassers, so it’s vital to hide them. Don’t leave your tablet on the living room table near the window. Don’t keep your new pc in front of the door. Additionally, your wallet on the table of the entrance hall can bring water in the mouth of an evil mind person. If these objects are visible from the sidewalk, they might give wrong ideas to some. Quickly walk around your house and store valuables that are too visible.

Store the tools

Ladders, hammers, and other devices are blessed bread for burglars. Store them in your garage or storage room or tie them up with a padlock if possible.

Discourage burglars

It is statistically proven that burglars give up after 3 minutes. If you manage to ‘occupy’ them for 3 minutes, they will likely throw in the towel and try their luck elsewhere. Security locks, armored doors, and alarm system the possibilities are numerous. You can do this call a prevention consultant. He goes to you and gives you advice and guidance free.

Leave Radio and Television On

A loud, noisy radio or TV is a very effective preventive than an alarm system to impede a burglary. When the radio and television are on, it tells housebreakers that someone is maybe inside. Most people don’t like wasting electricity, but think about it!


Your house is your castle, and it’s imperative to protect each castle from thieves. These helpful and useful tips should help inhibit criminals from a break-in in your home. And if you have more useful ideas on how to deter thieves from targeting your home, feel free to talk about them in the comments below! I will be happy to read them.

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