The great hustle and bustle of our daily life bring a lot of frustrations and panic. Locked out or losing keys is one of them. It is quite common for each of us to lose or forget somewhere our bunch of keys. You only notice it when you are on your doorstep. The race against the clock to reach his place of work, the fear of arriving late for his appointment. Moreover, the tension of missing train or bus, made us slam the door while the key remained inside.

Small unconscious gestures of everyday life or unpredictable events like gusts of wind can put us in a stupid and unpleasant situation. That led us to be in front of our door but not being able to enter. You get stuck outside your home with the risk of staying there for a longer or shorter time. However, you can handle the situation if you know a locksmithing technique or keyless door opening.

Don’t know how to open a locked door? Here are some easy-to-follow tips to help you get by, including using a locksmith.

Tips for opening your door slammed yourself with a card

At one point or another, we all had a problem with our door that closed and that we can no longer open, suddenly we find ourselves in front of his house in pajamas with the newspaper in hand without being able to enter our own home. To avoid this awkward moment, which can be very unpleasant, here are some tips to make sure you don’t get locked out.

Contact a specialist or try it alone!

In front of the closed door, we feel helpless. The various attempted break-ins you may see in films where skillful men open their doors using only a simple hairpin or a thick wire come to mind. Is reality different from scenic fiction? Do you’ve to call someone in the business to open that damn closed door? The method which I am going to share is very similar to that seen in spy movies. So, it might be fun for you to do it. Hence, don’t panic.

If you do not have a minimum of practical skills, we advise you to contact a technician. However, if you are people of intuition and patience, then you can try to open the door closed.

Unlock the door with a plastic card

There are two possibilities: door closed but for which the lock has not been activated, door locked.

The first case is the simplest, and you will need to obtain a plastic card with an absolute consistency of the type of bank card, but also with flexibility.

1- Insert the card, on the widest side, into the slot between the window frame and the door jamb. It is just above the area where the lock is inserted in the jamb.

2- Push the card down, facing you towards the doorknob until it touches the spring lock.

3- By folding the card in the other direction, it will slide under the inclined end of the latch. It forces it to enter the door. Open the lock swiftly.

4- If the door did not open easily, try to lean on it. Move the card back and forth several times. This will put more pressure on the latch and should be enough to open the locked door.

This way, you can push the latch inward, freeing it from the frame. Do not forget to shake the door during the whole operation. You may need several attempts before you can succeed. Arm yourself with patience and delicacy. However, this system obviously does not work if the door is locked. In this case, you must take help from a professional.

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