Home automation is particularly effective in improving the security of your home. Today with technological progress, everything becomes more accessible. Living in a safe house is a dream of every owner.

Unfortunately, even window bars, armored doors, and clever locks cannot fully protect your property from intruders. Therefore, when it comes to security, we always recommend an all-in-one approach and a security system to improve protection.

However, be aware that a security system is almost never put in place during the construction phase of the building. The various devices and connected objects must, therefore, be installed by the owner or by a specialized company.

An alarm system will detect a threat in time. It will scare off intruders with a siren, attract the attention of those concerned, and call your security company. Combine it with secure locks and cameras. Criminals won’t stand a chance!

However, choosing a security system should not be taken lightly. As the security of your property depends directly on it. So let us help you by explaining the different types of home security systems with cameras available. And what to look for in these systems.

What are the different types of security systems?

In short, there’re three types of security systems: wired, wireless, and hybrid. In wired security systems, the signal from detectors to the hub transfer through cable. In wireless networks signals from detectors transfer over the radio channel.

While Hybrid systems are a combination of wired and wireless systems. In this system, the signal can transfer through both cables and air.

Cable solutions have dominated the market for a long time. It is related to the inadequacies of the wireless systems. Besides, the radio channel was not well enough protected. The systems often lost contact with the detectors and, due to the one-way connection. Moreover, it was not easy to establish a link between the detector and the system.

PRO-level wireless solutions have evolved and now represent serious competition for wired systems. Modern wireless security systems provide more information. It is effortless to install and offer more than just security.

Installation of detectors and motion sensors

A home security system must also involve the installation of a detector. As they’re capable of detecting a change in the state of a chemical, thermal, physical, or even magnetic nature. Several types of detectors exist for homes: presence detector, opening detector, roller shutter detector, etc.

The control unit, the keyboard, and the motion detectors are the basis of any security system. In addition, there is a wide range of products that allow you to adapt to your alarm system.  They’re reliable to fulfill all your specific security needs.

Install a modern smoke detector

The most popular anti-intrusion system is the presence detector with a connected alarm. They are sensitive to heat or microwave. Furthermore, these detectors can warn you of an anomaly by making a sound or sending a message directly to your smartphone.

The smart home or smart cover must be equipped with a modern smoke detector. This type of device effectively reduces the risk of fire. FYI, it is always the smoke that causes the death of the inhabitants and not the fire. The detector’s alarm, transmission to a smartphone, or a call to a monitoring center are all systems capable of calling firefighters quickly.

Some high-performance smoke detectors can also cut the house’s electrical circuit. Besides, they can close the shutters or deactivate the ventilation system.

In addition to detecting carbon monoxide, the smoke detector must also be sensitive to propane or butane gas. Notably, the sensor must be susceptible to detection devices placed in the kitchen.

Access to the house and biometrics

The access control system is also an essential part of the best security system. Home automation can also control the access of people authorized to enter a house. For example, biometrics with a fingerprint system easily adapts to the needs of individuals. This type of system can allow access according to schedules while performing facial recognition.

Surveillance cameras

Visual support by cameras significantly contributes to strengthening the security of your home. Cameras are also an excellent tool for not missing out on what’s going on in your home while you’re away. You can indeed keep an eye on your children or on your pet. Even you can see who is ringing at the door. There are many types of surveillance cameras. For example Box Camera, Dome Camera, PTZ Camera, Bullet Camera, IP Camera, Thermal camera, etc.

Installation of the best security system with cameras is an adequate solution to protect your assets. Further, it protects your family and your home against risks such as fire, water damage, and carbon monoxide. So, integrate your security system with these smart devices.  It is more efficient than the sum of the individual components. 

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