Excel is very reliable and easy to use the tool. It helps to manage a large amount of data efficiently. In Microsoft Excel, users store various types of confidential, official documents, as well as essential data as they see fit. So, when it comes to the significance of Excel files, users safeguard their sensitive data with a password. Many times we get excel files that are secure with Password. Hence, you can’t edit them. Excel 2016 uses the most sophisticated method for the protection of the file. There are various free tools for the 2016 Password Remover. Today we’ll tell you 3 practical ways to crack excel 2016 password. Moreover, we’ll also look at the top 5 free excel 2016 password remover.

Remove Excel 2016 password with known Password

Method 1: This method is beneficial for those who have set a password to protect their excel file, but now they want to remove it. As they want easy editing and sharing of their excel document.

  1. Open the excel file that is Password protected by entering Password.
  2. Press on file then hit on “Protect Workbook.”
  3. Select “Encrypt with password” in the drop-down box.
  4. Remove all the letters on the password box then click on Ok to save the changes.

Method 2: Remove Excel 2016 Passwords with ZIP

Are you forget the Password of excel file 2016? Don’t fret. It can be crack or remove by changing the file extension and using archiving software.

  1. Press window key + E simultaneously to open the file explorer.
  2. Right-click on the Password-protected file. Select the rename option and alter file extension/suffix from xlsx to zip. Click yes when a warning sign displays on your system screen.
  3. Use archiving software like ZIP/ WinZip/ 7Zip to open a zip file.
  4. Open the folder XL, then click on “Worksheets.” A file named sheet1.xml will appear on your PC screen. Open it using Notepad.
  5. Detect the sheetprotection tag and delete it. Save it by pressing Ctrl + S instantaneously then close the file.
  6. Now, click Ok to update the sheet1.xml file in the zip archives.
  7. After that, reverse the stop by changing the file extension from zip to xlsx. 

Method 3: How to remove Excel 2016 password file online for free?

To crack or remove a password-protected online Excel sheet for free, please carefully read the following steps.

  1. At first, you should have a stable internet connection.
  2. Then open the website online to unlock the password-protected Excel file.
  3. You will find here the deposit file to download or click here.
  4. Drag the targeted protected Excel data to the web screen. You can also browse the specific Excel file from the system to download it as well.
  5. Once the download is complete, the process for opening the password-protected Excel file will begin to resolve it.
  6. You can view the recovery process using a progress bar, as shown on your computer screen.
  7. Let the process finish; then, you can decrypt the unlock password as it will appear on your screen.
  8. This will help you get rid of how to unlock the password-protected Excel online file problem. The process for opening the password-protected Excel file will begin to resolve it.

Excel 2016 Password Remover Free

Besides the above ways, you can also use Excel Password Recovery software. It allows you to unlock excel files directly.

1.      LostMyPass

It is one of the top online tools that offer free MS Excel Password recovery. However, your uploaded file size can’t be exceeded from 100MB.

2.      Password-Online

It has developed its own technology for recovering Password with 40-bit keys. It allows you to recover the encrypted file in a couple of seconds.

3.      Password Find

It is capable of removing or unlocking 100% protected Microsoft Office. You can use it to remove the Password of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. You can also remove the protection of PowerPoint presentations and VBA projects through it.

4.      Straxx Excel Password Remover

It is the strongest and robust password remover tool. It can remove or break the Password of any length. Moreover, it also allows you to edit the workbook.

5.      Remove Password Online Recovery

It is another outstanding password remover tool. It helps you to eliminate the Password of excel 2016 documents.

So, use the above solutions to get rid of the problem of opening a password-protected Excel file.


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