Are you using or planning to use the surveillance system in your home, store, or office? It is the most commonly used security system. Surveillance cameras can be a valuable asset in the fight against theft and vandalism on construction sites. It comprised of two or more cameras, recording devices, and a monitor.  No doubt it has enormous advantages, but it also has some disadvantages. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of CCTV. It helps you to decide if it is right for your security needs or not.

Benefits of CCTV cameras

1. Deterrent effect

It is one of the most significant benefits of CCTV cameras. If you’re facing problems related to stealing, punctualities of employees, it can provide the ace solutions. Furthermore, it averts your residence and office from becoming easy targets.

2. CCTV means having eyes everywhere!

Surveillance cameras are handy. They allow you to monitor the activities of folks who visit your abode and office. But it also helps you to keep watch on the whereabouts of these places. This is a prodigious way to detect suspicious intruders and keep an eye on their activities. Plus, you can remotely monitor your home and office via mobile phones anywhere and at any time.

3. Collect evidence to any criminal activity

Considering the cameras installed in tactical places is very convenient.  It allows you to control the actions and words of people during an incident. The perfect images and flawless sound makes them more useful.

Surveillance cameras can provide images of crimes being committed and accidents occurring. Suppose some college students went to a nearby building and they urinated in the elevator shaft.  And during exit, they left rubbish on the flower boxes. After that, they broke the barriers to access the parking lot. In this case, video surveillance provides you the clear proof.

4. Keep records

The monitoring system supports documents 24 hours/7 days. Indeed, they facilitate the monitoring of a dwelling, because they also allow you to monitor your dwelling from your Smartphone. So you need to know something that happened outside your dwelling or workplace on two weeks ago. You can turn it off by simply searching for your security documents. The cameras will provide you complete record with date and time. 

Disadvantages of CCTV Cameras

1.      A power failure would end monitoring

If you have opted for a camera system with power supply, you could find yourself unattended in the event of a breakdown. It will be worth investing in an emergency device, such as wireless cameras running on battery or solar panel, to ensure continuous protection.

2.      it’s a costly affair

A small CCTV surveillance system will cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. However, it depends upon the features and the number of cameras that you purchase.

3.      Privacy issue

There have been a few cases in the past that hackers have attacked a large number of surveillance cameras. Also, there are few cases where workers have complained of being under constant surveillance without their consent. And citing “invasion of privacy” as the reason. A few are also taking legal action against their employers in this regard.

4. Can’t stop theft or crime

The cameras allow users to record images or videos for future viewing. It helps to catch criminals and take justice from the law. They cannot, however, stop a crime while it is going on. Even, it cannot prevent crime, but it will help reduce criminality. People will be more vigilant and cautious. Criminals will think twice before entering

However, there are these smart and determined criminals who manage to deactivate surveillance mechanisms. Some steal video recordings on construction sites, cover the cameras or lenses, or simply use disguises. Others disconnect your equipment from its power source, deliberately damage it, or even remove it completely.

Your site should be more or less vigilant surveillance. Learn about the best system to be adopted to protect your activities adequately. Compare the various products offered online or soliciting advice from a security expert. However, CCTV cameras will provide you the most valuable help to sufficiently protect your work sites, property, and business.

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