Due to the increasing incidence of violating crimes and negligence among children, there monitoring becomes crucial. Parents and responsible citizen wants to ensure that their kids are safe and sound all the time.

 Diligence and keeping an eye out for any freak or deviations in children’s behavior is imperative. It is something that we can all do to strengthen ourselves in this battle. However, we are only humans and may overlook certain things or may even we can’t look at our toddlers for 24 hours. Then, how can we assure that our children are safe and sound? The answer is CCTV Surveillance Systems.

In this technological era, CCTV cameras are the only effective weapon that deters crime and fights the evils. Our child spends most of their time in School. That’s why CCTV surveillance cameras are an essential requirement for schools. Let’s discuss the importance and benefits of CCTV cameras in the School.

Importance of CCTV Cameras

Video surveillance has become increasingly popular with educational institutions. No doubt the safety of students and staff is the primary reason for this activity. But the administration officials use additional eyes to improve safety in several ways.

Surveillance cameras prevent crime or nuisance at School or maintain public order. The School must, therefore, always have a valid reason to install such a camera. This will generally be to provide oversight or control, for example, in the shed for bicycles. Moreover, security cameras help you to monitor all the activities taking place on school premises. It controls the exits and entrances of the School by allowing access to only authorized persons. Thus, it makes it easier to capture intruders and offenders.

The School must also always clearly indicate the presence of cameras. Surveillance cameras can, therefore, never install it in secret or hidden places. However, mentioning their presence in the school regulations is not compulsory, but recommended!

Are schools authorized to have security cameras?

The School’s cameras must be installed in the areas that do not affect the privacy and confidentiality of students. Such as classrooms, hallways, common areas, and perimeter of buildings are reliable places for these cameras.

However, installing cameras in school bathrooms is not the right decision. It is definitely illegal. As reasonable secrecy and privacy are paramount for everyone. However, it is essential to monitor bathroom entrances. 

Benefits of CCTV camera set up in School

 First, school security cameras can dissuade robbers, thieves, vandalism, car thefts, rapes, intruders, and more. The conspicuous video surveillance kit devices are an excellent deterrent for criminals. As nobody will like to capture red-handed.

For example:

The presence of surveillance cameras in school parking lots may deter offenders. It allows potential criminals to think twice before any misconduct. About 60% of sentenced invaders said that the presence of a security camera system forces them to alter their decision. Thus, they start seeing for another stress-free target.

If the worst-case scenario occurs, the images and videos captured by security cameras are useful. It helps in investigating the case of vandalism or violence. With the evidence at hand, police can catch criminals easily.

End Bullying in Educational Institution

Why are security cameras crucial in classrooms and other sensitive places of School? One of the major reasons is that it will help to lessen bullying.

Bullying at School has become a severe delinquent on school campuses. Presence of Wi-Fi video IP camera in schools, allow the students to act and behave well. It is certainly an effective and beneficial way to finish bullying.

In some cases, bullying occurs on school buses. Video recordings of CCTV surveillance cameras on school buses can provide evidence when bullying occurs.

For the protection of teachers and students

Some teachers may harass their students. Under the surveillance of video cameras in classrooms and other places, these immoral teachers would no longer be able to misbehave.

However, in some cases, some teachers who are wrongly accused of sexual harassment by their students. Wi-Fi surveillance camera provides them protection.

Keep an eye on students, teachers, and visitors

CCTV cameras in School can keep a record of everyone entering and leaving school ingresses.

Some students are constantly late and often break the rules. Images and videos of security cameras allow school administrators can keep track of these students. It helps principals to decide how to fix this problem.

By keeping an eye on the teachers, principals will know which one is doing best. Notably, installing CCTV security cameras in the school classrooms reminds teachers that their performance is vital.


Surveillance in schools has increasingly become the norm rather than the exception. As educational institutions use the benefits of the latest technology to keep students and staff safe. For many of these customers, a robust transition plan is really the solution that interests them. It is allowing them to upgrade or install new features or cameras over time.  Instead of having to undertake complete reorganizations of the surveillance systems immediately.

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