In the street or a garage, at home, or on vacation, car theft can happen to anyone. No one is secure from it. This crime can happen anywhere and anytime. Find out how to limit the risks with a few simple and effective measures.

No matter the age or condition of your vehicle, car theft is never appreciated. Fortunately, there are simple prevention measures that will help you limit the risks. Car theft devices also play a vital role in enhancing the security of your vehicle. Moreover, to protect yourself, take out suitable car insurance will reduce the consequences of theft of your car.

Anticipate the risk of theft when you buy your car

Did you know that thieves often prefer the same vehicles? Before making your choice on a particular model, check that it is not part of the list of the most stolen cars in 2020. This list is regularly updated. It will allow you to choose your new vehicle with full knowledge of the facts.

At the top of the most stolen vehicles, you will find cars with low electronic protection-even the most classic models, which allow thieves to blend in with the crowd.

This should not prevent you from buying the car of your dreams. But on the contrary, it helps you to protect it well.

Adopt simple preventive measures against vehicle theft

Many thefts are due to the attention of the drivers. Before leaving your car in a parking lot or your garage, do some quick and simple checks:

  • Lock with a key and check that the windows are close well to the top,
  • Do not leave any valuable object visible (even a GPS),
  • Secure the steering wheel with the integrated steering wheel block or, better. An antitheft steering wheel block to counter “mouse jacking,” namely hacking of the vehicle’s computer systems,
  • Never leave the keys on the ignition or the card inside the car, even for a few seconds,
  • Park your vehicle in secure places. If possible closed parking lots controlled by a security guard or video surveillance cameras,
  • Do not leave any important documents in your car (registration card, driving license, etc.).
  • Do not let a single potential buyer on board as part of the sale of your vehicle.
  • By adopting these reflexes, you limit the risk of theft. Failure to follow these steps, your auto insurance policy will help you. It may provide for penalties ranging from reduction in compensation for non-warranty claims.


Improvements in vehicle theft methods are driving manufacturers of antitheft devices to find increasingly sophisticated solutions. Besides traditional systems, other tools allow drivers today to further deter potential thieves…! There are many antitheft devices on the market. Your choice should take into account your budget, the type of car you own, and the degree of protection desired.

Antitheft equipment: strength of deterrence

Some of the most effective electronic car antitheft devices include:

Electronic immobilizer: 

It prevents the car from starting. Thanks to an infrared remote control, a digital code, or an electronic key. Some even allow the engine to be shut down remotely.

The GPS tracker

 Although it does not prevent your car from being stolen, it will help you to find your stolen car. Thanks to a remote geo-location system,

Steering lock

This mechanical system is beneficial for almost all models of automobiles. It prevents the driver from moving the steering wheel until the engine is started. A steel antitheft rod can be added, either on the steering wheel, on the gear lever, or the pedals.

Antitheft alarm

The alarm, more classic and integrated into many cars, which has a deterrent effect. It is the most common tool for reporting a vehicle intrusion or attempted break-in. The audible alert must be known to its owner and can help catch the thief in the act.

Auto Glass etching

The identification number on the windows of the vehicle does not complicate theft, but it forces the thief to change it at the risk of being subsequently spotted. For six years after registration, the marking will be safe in the ARGOS computer file, an organization created by insurance companies. Not compulsory, the engraving of the windows is, however, often requested by insurance companies.


This electronic system requires the registration of code each time it contacted. It can be, for example, the simultaneous pressing of different buttons on the dashboard. Unfortunately, devices exist to bypass these immobilizers.

Buy adequate auto theft insurance

Taking preventive actions to limit the risk of theft is an ace choice. However, protecting yourself from the consequences of theft of your car is also imperative! To use your vehicle with peace of mind, choose an auto insurance policy suited to your needs and your vehicle. To know more, click here.


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