Suppose you’re going out for shopping. After purchasing your groceries, you come back happily. Insert a key to open a boot, your key broken into half. This can create a lot of frustration. To deal with this dilemma, you must know How to fix a broken car key.

Many people broke the car keys; it is a common problem. No need to fret in these types of situations. Most of us broke the car keys when we use it for wring purposes. For example, when we try to open the lid of a bottle or want to gain access, something that drops where our finger can’t gain access. Sometimes it likely to break when it gets too old.

You can end up your stress if you know how to fix a broken key. Otherwise, you may need to call a locksmith. Here, we’ll discuss a few tips to fix a broken key.

The fixing of broken car keys is more complicated than a typical house key. Most of the keys are composed of nickel silver. These keys are more durable than the older brass keys. To increase the life span of the key, always make sure that it is properly inserted into the lock before turning it.

Key Breaking in the Lock

If the key is not inserted correctly in the lock, and you still try to turn the key, the lock will not open. Most of the people even try to turn the key with more pressure. As a result, the key break into half. Each time you rotate a key, it makes the key and locks of car feebler. Because you’re placing torque on the metal. You must remember that even with repair, keys can’t last forever.

Fix Broken Car key

Most of the folk want to bind the broken piece of keys. However, it is impossible. There is no correct way to fix the fractured keys that can function properly. Moreover, repairing can’t reduce the risk of breaking again from the same spot. In this situation, car key replacement is the most ace option.

Trying to putting the broken piece of keys together is very dangerous in a car as compared to the house. You may also need to insert a car key in the ignition. In case if it breaks during your driving, it can create incredibly hazardous circumstances.

Broken Bow cover

The bow cover is the part of the length of metal of key. It remains outside of the keyway so that it can be turned in the lock. Sometimes the plastic material is used to cover the arc of a key so that the metal is not unprotected. This is mainly a problem in repairing broken car keys. They bow of the house keys often do not use any cover.

On the other hand, modern car keys need covers to secure the transponder chips. Arc protection on car keys breaks rather frequently. Hard plastic shells can crack and eventually break. The softer plastic key rubber covers or tears.

Harder plastic cover breaks due to force and by creating additional pressure on the length of metal on a keychain.  It may also break due to dropping your keys. The softer cover often tears due to removing the keys too often from a ring. The softer plastic cover often gets rips if it gets too warm. If you compromise with the bow cover of your key, you’re at a greater risk of key loss.

If you accidentally break the hard plastic cover of your key, then you can cannibalize it with the old key shell. Cut the blade of the car key, or you can also choose an old key or a new key blank. You can open and close the hard plastic shell of the car key. So pop the broken cover open and take the internal out. Then replace it with another cover.

For the plastic bow cover, you can drill hole to your cover to secure your keychain. However, during drilling, a hole, be aware of your transponder chip. As if you damage your transponder chip, then the last option will only be car key replacement.


You can find out the solution to your problem if you know why your keys are broken and what type of keys you have. Repairing and fixing broken keys is not a piece of cake. To fix a broken key, you may need a key that works efficiently in the future. Replacement is always the best option for a broken or damaged key.

For this reason, if you’re not an expert in fixing a broken key, then you may hire the services of a reliable and professional locksmith.

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