Burglary is a terrible experience that could happen to anyone. If this ever happens to you, it’s best to put your emotions aside and focus your energy on finding your stolen goods. And the most important is to spend your energy on catching the burglars.

How to find out who robbed your house? It is a common question that every victim thinks. No doubt, it is a cumbersome task for everyone. Here, you’ll get the answer to your question.

In this article, we have put together efficient and tested advice. That will help you to what to do in the event of a burglary to facilitate the investigation.  Further, it will assist you in recovering your possessions and avoiding you from going to this situation again.

Don’t try to be a hero, but don’t panic

If you go home and find an open front door or a broken lock, it is not advisable to go headlong. After all, burglars could still be inside. Don’t your life and your health in danger by going inside. Avoid touching the handle or doorbell as they could carry the fingerprints of burglars. Do not panic. Call the police and monitor the front door of your home continuously. Be careful and keep a safe distance (for example, monitor from an upper story staircase or from behind your neighbor’s entry).

Do not try to stop the offenders yourself! While waiting for the police to arrive, you should try to evoke as much information about them as possible. It will help you to provide a description later to the police. Keep in mind their faces, clothes, height, size, build, bags, vehicle model, and license plate number. All these details will be valuable in the investigation. If it’s possible for you to take a picture of the burglars or their vehicle without exposing yourself, take it. Send these pictures to the police as it will help them with further proceedings.

Communication with the police

Don’t expect your case to get the attention of law enforcement. Police departments record dozens of burglary cases every day, and yours is just one of many. Remember that vital testimony and even evidence may be lost during the preliminary inquiry.

It is in your interest and benefit that all procedural documents are draft appropriately. So make sure that the police officer writes down all of your words accurately. After that, check what they have noted in the complaint. Also, take into account that your details are free from errors. Do not sign any document until you have thoroughly checked its contents. Ask for a copy, if possible, or take a photo of each document you sign.

When filing a complaint, you must provide police officers all the information that you know. Provide them a meticulous list of the stolen items, possible signs of preparation for the break-in, evidence, and video surveillance tapes.  All these things will increase the chances of arresting the thieves. If the burglars are not arrested within 24 hours of the break-in, the chances of capturing them will reduce with each passing day. Remember that your robbery is not the only one. Cat burglars are trying to get rid of stolen goods as swiftly as possible.

Do your own research

While the police are seeking the convicts, you can make your efforts to find your stolen assets. Browse the second-hand ad sites and go to the nearest second-hand buy/sell stores. Make sure you’ve got the documents relating to the stolen goods. Do not throw away the warranty documents of your devices. Especially those of value even after their expiration. Besides, any document, manuscript, or photo attesting to your ownership of antiques, prices, and jewelry will be expedient to you.

If you’re lucky enough to find your property on the market, don’t rush to collect it yourself. You might alert the vender (after all, the sale of stolen belongings is illegal). In this way, you may lose a severe lead that would apprehend burglars. Behave as a usual buyer. Make an appointment with the seller to look at the object or ask him to put it aside for you. You can then present you with the security forces and the documents attesting to your home. These tips will help you to find out who robbed your house.

How to avoid future burglaries

You must understand how larcenies happen to optimize your protection against potential burglaries. There’re two types of robberies: opportunistic and premeditated. A practical and persuasive way to prevent opportunistic burglaries is to install the right quality door, lock, safe, and security system. Housebreakers are watching for hasty and stress-free prey. They will not bother if an alarm and effective security system protect accommodation.

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