Getting locked out or locked in may create a nerve-wracking feeling. Suppose, you’re facing a problem with your door that closed, and you can no longer open it. Now you find yourselves in front of the house in pajamas with the newspaper in hand outside your home. What will you do? To avoid yourself from this awkward moment, which can be very unpleasant. Here we will tell you how to open a lock with a paper clip.

You can open a padlock or lock with a paper clip by following a few instructions. Discover in our article some techniques for picking a padlock from a simple paper clip. However, if your lock machine is of good quality, the attempt will not be possible. These tips can help you in case you have lost your keys. Note, however, that forcing the lock of a door that is not yours is prohibited. You risk jail if you are caught.

Open a padlock with a paper clip

To try the experiment, you need two paper clips and a pair of pliers. These materials are easy to acquire and are sold over the counter at DIY stores. However, you should choose a very thin and long paper clip, especially if you have a large padlock. Also, remember that this method is effective for conventional locks and electric strike locks. These tools allow you to detect the bolts in the lock. A padlock generally has three to five bolts.

So, to facilitate opening, you’ve to understand how the lock on a padlock works. In principle, small metal tubes called bolts prevent the lock from opening. Thus, the solution is to align these tubes. The lock cylinder can then rotate. Aligning the bolts also involves the opening of a padlock. When it releases, you should feel a little click. You’ve to repeat all the movements until all the bolts are released. Large locks are more challenging to force because it has more than a dozen pins.

The first thing to do is to unfold the paper clips. Unfold a first paper clip and make a hook at the end as it acts as an action wrench. And make a rod of another paper clip. You must then insert the rod into the small hole near the top of the lock. It will then be necessary to unfold the second paper clip to obtain an angle of 90%. The other rod should form a loop at the end. This second rod will serve as a tension rod to unlock your lock. To open the padlock, start by inserting your tension rod into the bottom of the keyhole. It must be inserted into the shear line and put more pressure and turn, being careful not to alter the paper clip.

If you know the opening direction of your padlock, you must orient the movement in this direction. It isn’t effortless to see this sense of openness. You’ve no choice but to try to turn to one side. If you turn it the right way, there won’t be too much pressure. In this case, the padlock begins to unlock. After inserting the other rod into the recess at the top of the padlock, it must be extracted slowly. Do not stop turning the tension rod down.

Open a door with a paper clip

The tips are the same for opening a locked door. Padlocks are considered mobile locks. Many videos are available on the Internet. You just have to follow the tutorials. It is an effective solution to open the door if it is locked by mistake. To do this, you must have two paper clips. Flat the first paper clip with pliers or a hammer.

Bend a small loop at the end, a loop that can go into the keyhole. It is then necessary to insert the rod in the lock by making a rotary pressure. You must repeat the operation until the lock is released.

The other solutions

If, after 3 to 4 attempts, you are unable to open the door, dispatch the services of a locksmith. The professional intervenes in an emergency to unlock the door. He already has the tools to open the door. An experienced locksmith will quickly detect problems. At the same time, he can take charge of changing the lock, depending on the situation.

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