Did you know that around 300 cars are stolen every day in USA? Even if half of these vehicles are subsequently found, few of them remain intact. So, here are eight solutions that will allow you to protect your vehicle against theft, as well as advice to minimize this risk.

What protection system to protect my car from theft?

There are different ways to protect yourself from the theft of your vehicle. While some are well known, others are less so.


With its loud noise, we can assure you that the alarm scares away thieves, especially if your car is parked in a place surrounded by a housing or many people pass by. Now, devices can complete the alarm, such as the shock detector or the anti-lift. The alarm is a prevalent means of protection because it remains effective.

The steering wheel bars

Easy to install, the steering wheel bar is placed on the steering wheel and prevents the thief from maneuvering. So even if he managed to start the vehicle, it would take a hell of a while to unlock the accessory. This necessary time greatly deters any thief from attempting.

Electronic immobilizer

This is a system that prevents the car from starting without having the key because it is this that activates the control center so that the vehicle begins.

Engraving of vehicle windows

Each window is engraved with a serial number recorded in a file held by the police and insurance. It will not prevent your car from being stolen, but it will be more easily identified. This, therefore, slows down burglars who generally steal vehicles intending to sell them.

The GPS tracker

The tracker allows you to locate your vehicle and know where it is in real-time. Some models are paired with your smartphone, and you can receive a notification or an SMS as soon as your car starts. Other models still allow the engine to be shut off from a distance, which is really practical!

The gear lever and hand brake device

This device represents essential protection but is still effective. Not all models fit your vehicle, so make sure the model you want to buy is compatible with your car. 

The wheel locks

You may know this accessory by the more common name of “clog”. This is because the wheel lock prevents the wheel from moving and therefore rolling away. Your vehicle is consequently immobilized; however, it remains a bit complex to install. It is therefore recommended for long-term parking, either over several days or weeks. 

Protection against mouse jacking

Also called “mouse theft”, this technique is performed using a jammer used by the thief. This jammer allows him to prevent the car from closing; as soon as you leave, he can then infiltrate the vehicle at will. You can avoid this offense by blocking the OBD socket or by installing an anti-mouse jacking box.

Our top tips for avoiding car theft

To limit the risk of theft of your vehicle, it is a question to take the proper reflexes and adopt new habits. Follow our advice to avoid this kind of incident as best as possible. There is no such thing as zero risk, but by acting with care, you will still limit the risk of theft.

Check that my car is securely closed

It’s silly, but we don’t all do it all the time. Beyond checking that all the windows are up, make sure that the boot and doors are properly closed and that the vehicle has been locked properly.

Never leave the keys in your vehicle

That goes without saying, doesn’t it? But in some cases, if you stealthily get out of your car, you may neglect to lock your vehicle and, worse yet, leave the keys inside. Be aware that thieves can be speedy and are very observant.

Leave nothing insight

This is a frequent recommendation, yet even if you don’t think it might attract a thief, an empty bag can give you the impression that there is something inside. A thief will take the risk of stealing the car even without being sure. Even less do not leave valuables: electronics, clothes, wallet, etc. Hide them in the trunk before leaving the car, but ideally, don’t leave any valuables inside a vehicle.

Prefer secure parking

We recommend always parking your car in a secure authorized car parking; the latter still have surveillance cameras or guards. In any case, favor parking lots with passage or lighting rather than a dark and discreet place; burglars would be more peaceful there to steal your car.

Strengthen the security of your garage

Even if you have a closed box, and the thefts are less, they still exist. To improve the safety of your car parked in a secure container, all you need to do is install a blocking system for the garage doors, regardless of their mode of operation.

The more precautions you take, the more you will avoid attempted theft. Unfortunately, there are also car brands that are more prized by thieves than others. So, be careful before choosing the model of your car. Do you know if yours or the one you covet is among the most stolen cars in USA ?

Use a reliable locksmith

In case if you lose your keys, you need to be very careful only to call an authorized locksmith, especially in Tampa. Due to the increase in the rapid crime rate all over Florida, thieves and crooks are also camouflaging themself as professional locksmiths. Therefore, we always recommend that you only call renowned and authorized locksmith Tampa.

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