Car thieves are always more ingenious and inventive. They use increasingly clever tricks to steal cars and valuables in it. So what can you do to avoid being targeted by thieves? While it’s not always possible to prevent auto theft. Fortunately, there are a few smart but simple tips that provide you best car theft protection.

The advice given below will save you from unforeseen and high expenses. Moreover, it will also prevent you from administrative hassles and an unpleasant feeling of insecurity. Keep these tips in mind when parking your vehicle will impede you from a severe disaster.

1-     Park your vehicle in a safe place

Car thieves prefer to do their work in private. Avoid parking in dark alleys or other hidden spaces. Park in a lighted and visible location. For added security, try parking near entrances to buildings or parking cameras.

Remote locations are the favorite playground for car thieves. Besides, it will help you reduce the likelihood of car theft and a break-in. Therefore, preferably park your vehicle in a secure car park or another safe and duly lit place. One more reason to discourage a car thief…!

2-     Turn your steering wheel before leaving your vehicle

Do you park along the street? Always turn the wheels of your car towards the sidewalk. The steering of your vehicle is then usually locked. This will delay a thief wishing to escape in your car. It will not only make it more difficult for the thief but if the metal bar is visible through the window, it could deter him from stealing the vehicle. Additional security requires little extra effort.

3-     Valuables in your car? To avoid!

Valuables will make your car even more attractive to a thief. Preferably take them with you after parking (also if it is only “for five minutes in your own driveway”). Can’t take your valuables? Then hide them in the glove compartment and lock it.

4-     Do not be surprised

Stay alert even if you’re sitting in your car. Bag-jacking cases are always more frequent, mainly during rush hour in large cities. In this perspective, unscrupulous thieves target valuables in cars that slow down or stop at a fire. Generally, they snatch their booty by abruptly opening the door or by breaking a side window. So, close the doors and hide your purse or the bag containing your laptop.

5-     Don’t give up your onboard documents

Do you park your car for an extended period in the same place? Take the primary documents with you. The original documents must be in the vehicle when you take it to the road. However, also keep at your home a copy of your license, your certificate of conformity, and green card. They will come in handy if your car is stolen. These documents can facilitate the search for the car and the authors.

6-     Protect your license plate

Nowadays, car thieves are increasingly targeting official car number plates. Do you want to protect yours more? Paste the plate to your car body using a special glue and then screw it back. It will be intimidating for thieves to remove it. And, since thieves prefer to operate quickly, the likelihood is high that they will leave empty-handed.

7-     Lock the doors and stop the engine

Avoid leaving your windows open, and doors unlocked even in your driveway.

Most importantly, never leave your automobile running unattended. It may be tempting to start the engine and head back into the house while the car warms up on a cold winter morning. But this is a winning recipe for a car thief.

Always report to the police

Is someone trying to steal your car? Notify local police as soon as possible, even if there is no damage or if no valuables have been stolen. Your statement can provide vital information to help fight organized crime and gang robbery. Also, your declaration is essential in order to obtain the certificates necessary for insurance.


In case of car theft, you must file a complaint within 24 hours at the police station. It is also the only way to release the responsibility of the car owner if the thief causes an accident. In general, the driver has 48 hours to report the theft of the vehicle to his insurance. If you do not make a declaration in time, the insurer can refuse compensation.

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