Surveillance of the public highway (street, road…!) or a place open to the public (station, town hall) can be authorized for different reasons. In a private area, no authorization is necessary. The public must be aware of the existence of the cameras. The conservation of images cannot exceed one month.

There are several good reasons for installing surveillance cameras in a public place. Whether you’re an owner who wants to protect your facilities or a boss who wants to keep an eye on its employees, CCTV cameras are vital.  It is essential to follow a few rules before choosing the equipment that is right for you.

Here are some tips to maximize the use of your video surveillance system.

Evidence of the need for surveillance cameras

Before installing one or more surveillance cameras in a business, you must first prove the need for them. You will, therefore, have to demonstrate that there is a real and recurring problem. Such as a series of thefts. And that the use of cameras can help to resolve this problem considerably.

Protection of private life

You must then make sure to protect the privacy of the people who frequent the premises. As they benefit from the right to privacy, it is necessary to know how to respect some conditions. It would be best if you also warned people on the monitored premises of the presence of surveillance cameras.

Collecting images or videos of recognizable people in a public place is considered personal information collection. For this image capture to be legal, it must ensure that the reason for the use of surveillance cameras justifies the collection. Several public bodies are responsible for ensuring the need to install surveillance cameras in public places.

Advantages of Surveillance Cameras

Let’s look at the benefits of surveillance cameras in public places.

1. Security cameras increase overall security

Security cameras placed in a business prevent crime and burglary. Shops and establishments have more chances of break-in than abode or residence.

2. Video surveillance can help thwart break-in and theft

Prominently installed professional security cameras can help to dissuade robbery. Did you know that 64% of all small companies are sufferers of employee theft? According to research, small businesses lose between 250,000 and 330,000 FCFA per minute in favor of shoplifters.

3. Avert scam

Due to fraud, a business may lose up to 5 percent of its revenue or profit.

4. Video surveillance can inhibit employee shoplifting

80% of robberies took place in companies with less than 100 employees, in which more than half of the companies had less than 25 employees.

5. Improves backups

Small organizations or businesses are more susceptible to employee theft. Certainly, often there are rarer guarantees in place. That’s why an updated security system is an essential requirement for them.

6. Protects against burglary

60.5% of robberies and stealing are forced-entry. Many people believe that thefts are just “occasional crimes.” However, statistics show that the majority of crimes are actually forced entrances (broken windows, locks, doors, etc.). An ace security system, including surveillance cameras, can have a substantial deterrent effect on each kind of misconduct.

7. Better perception of customer safety

Having surveillance cameras shows your customers that you care about their security. Moreover, they can improve their overall impression of your corporate.

8. Security cameras can reduce the risk of vandalism

Entrepreneur pays directly and indirectly for vandalism. According to the US Small Business Administration, the average fee of a single case of vandalism is $3,370. Well-placed and displayed security cameras can significantly reduce the threat of violence and wreckage.

9. Monitor consumer dealings

Retail establishments use a video surveillance system to monitor client dealings and transactions. For example, if a customer claims to have bought an exclusive piece but didn’t receive it, what will you do? Or if an employee has been vulgar or providing false information, surveillance camera recordings can help. Videos of these cameras assist you in determining the fact.

10. Give sense to business

CCTV makes logic because you often can’t own a business or be in more than one place at a time. Surveillance cameras provide visual access to your business. So, you can monitor it whenever or wherever you want. So, you can monitor your establishment 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

Surveillance cameras are a crucial requirement of public places such as universities, shopping malls, businesses, etc. They play a pivotal role in deterring crime. Moreover, they are an essential part of public safety.

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