How to prevent credit card door entry?

How to prevent credit card door entry?
How to prevent credit card door entry?

What if you put yourself in the head of a burglar who studies your home for five minutes? This can be a nerve-wrenching problem.

Today, no one is safe from a burglary.

In most cases, burglars simply enter through the front door. There are ways to protect yourself from it, or at least delay the break-in.

In the middle Ages, people built a pretty house and secured it with a moat, ramparts, watchtowers, and a dungeon for shelter. Six or seven centuries later, we come back to the same fundamentals. Securing an individual house is quite similar to securing a fortified castle.

First of all, you should make the entry of your door secure. Potential burglars know various tricks to open a lock. As it is quite possible to open a door with bobby pins or a credit card. Yes! With credit cards, they can easily open your door lock and can gain easy entry. The thin and smooth material of a credit card can easily slip under the door bolt. This is a severe threat to homeowners. It can make your family life in danger. It’s essential to take extra security measures to prevent credit card door entry. Let’s discuss how you can secure your door entry.

How to make your door credit card proof?

  • First of all, you must educate yourself on how a lock can open with a credit card. This will help you to understand how it works.
  • Install a door latch guard to improve the security of your entrance. It is a metal plate that screws next to the door handle. It covers the strike plate. That can prevent the credit card from sliding between the lock (latch) and door frame. Thus avert the credit card door entry.
  • Install a deadbolt on your door. It is a long piece of metal that you can insert far with a door frame. It is more reliable and robust than the door handle lock. That contains a small piece of metal and allows credit card door entry. So deadbolts are vital for the extra security of your assets.
  • The sliding door latch is also very beneficial to make your door credit card proof. Like a deadbolt, it also contains a long metal bar. Hence, no one can move with a credit card.
  • Installations of electric door handle is also an ace solution to handle this problem. These locks have a keypad that requires a code to gain entry in to the home.

Other beneficial tips to secure your entrance door

An almost armored entrance door

Aluminum or steel doors are inherently strong enough. Those made of wood or PVC are more exposed. To strengthen them, you can fix a steel plate on the inside, of which you can even choose the color. So that it does not denote too much with your interior.

The installation of an armored door comprises of two distinct types of devices: door shielding or the installation of an armored door block.

Door shielding consists of securing the front door by adding one or more resistant steel plates.  These plates have different thickness options in order to improve their overall strength.

You can add wallet shielding or a multi-point lock for added security.

The key to security? Your lock

A good lock alone can delay or even prevent break-ins. Multi-point locks are an excellent investment since they have at least 3 points. Be careful. They must carry the A2P label!

Unlocking key locks are also a solution. The best is to combine the two!

Install a peephole on the front door

Easy to install and devilishly effective, placing a peephole on the front door will allow you to filter the entrance of your house to strangers. Indeed, the peephole will enable you to see without being seen and, therefore, to open the front door only to people you trust.


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