According to research, almost one robbery attempts per minute at an average rate. So, it is better to secure your accommodation. What equipment or service should be put in place as a priority? It all depends on the vulnerability points of your home. Let’s discuss how you can make your home safe from burglars.

Structural and mechanical or electronic devices mostly ensure the security of your home. They include all the measures which protect your property. Without active participation on your part, in the form of devices or equipment installed. To prevent burglaries, it is especially advisable to reinforce doors and windows, so that they’re impossible to open or lift.

Especially during the dark winter months, it is crucial to protect yourself against burglars in the best possible way. Since they’re particularly active during this period.

The early darkness makes it easier for burglars to see whether or not home or apartment owners are at home because of the light on. Besides, burglars can act in the dark without being seen by passers-by or neighbors – by the way, this is their biggest concern.

Take precautions against burglars

Adequate protection against burglars not only starts with a sophisticated alarm system but also by simple precautions. So each owner should follow these safety measures.

Tip 1: Turn on the light

Contrary to popular belief, burglars rarely strike at night, but rather in the afternoon and evening. More than 20% of robberies occur between 6 and 8 p.m.  More than half of the burglaries recorded take place between 4 and 10 p.m. For this reason, you should light up certain parts of the house, for example, by turning on table lamps or floor lamps with a timer. An illuminated entrance area already discourages many burglars.

Don’t worry: in the days of LED lights, the electricity costs for lighting in your absence are not huge.

Tip 2: Weak points: windows and patio doors on balconies and terraces

The windows and the doors of balconies and terraces are preferred access points for burglars. According to police statistics, 80 percent of burglaries in villas and about half of the robberies in apartment buildings are due to these weaknesses. Doors or windows hidden by hedges and shrubs are particularly vulnerable to theft, especially at the back of buildings.

Therefore, you should always close the windows when you leave the apartment or house, even if you only want to do some shopping. A tilted window is also easier to open than a closed window.

By the way, most thieves gain access to an apartment not through broken glass, but by forcing the window frame on the side of the hinge or lock. About 75 percent of burglaries are done this way. Even with patio, balcony, or entry doors, a large screwdriver can sometimes suffice for unauthorized access.

Tip 3: Don’t make it easy for burglars to climb

Lock up all climbing and climbing accessories such as ladders, garden furniture or garbage cans in a garden shed or garage. This makes it difficult for burglars to enter the upper floors.

Tip 4: Display your presence

To complement the protective function of your alarm systems and other devices, you can also improve your own behavior in favor of home security. Avoid giving the impression that nobody is inside, for example, by leaving only one light on or by closing all the roller shutters and curtains.

By lowering the shutters during the day, you signal your absence to thieves. Do not unnecessarily facilitate the task of burglars and make sure to keep the curtains open, at least during the day.

Tip 5: A webcam video surveillance system

A video surveillance system by webcam activates in the event of movement when the house is empty and alerts the owner by SMS. You can also prefer DIY home security devices to save money. However, make sure it can fulfill your security needs or not.

Tip 6: The armored door

If your locks are rock solid, but your doors and windows are weak, then security is in threat. Inspect all the entry points of your home and repair, replace, and reinforce them if needed. The armored door, possibly lined with an armored door block, dramatically limits the risk of intrusion.

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