A fire alarm is an active fire protection system. Fire alarm system becomes compulsory since 2015 in all homes. 1 in 3 fires started by electricity, each year, nearly 800 people die, and more than 100,000 victims require treatment. Most fatal fires occur at night, without alarm the inhabitants are surprised in their sleep.

This is why this device is now mandatory and probably more critical than anti-intrusion alarms. It alerted us to an emergency by controlling all the fire alarm modules in the building. They are usually available in offices, public buildings, industries, and factories. If you want actually to understand how does fire alarm works, let’s look at what is a fire alarm. Further, what are the key elements of the fire alarm system?

What is the fire alarm?

It is a life safety system that warns us through audio and video appliances if any emergency occurs. It is composed of an alarm initiating device and alarm notification devices. Fire alarm units, power supplies, and wirings are also part of this system.

The smoke detector is a means of prevention. That makes it possible to avoid the worst as soon as a fire starts. The primary cause of the deaths due to fire takes place at night. Therefore installing a fire detector is consequently essential to preserve its safety.

How do fire alarm systems work?

Obviously, a fire alarm can’t intend to extinguish a fire.

However, it is particularly important to be able to react quickly to avoid being hurt. Moreover, it also helps to save your home frequently from any disaster.

The fire alarm system has smoke detector devices that you have to set up throughout your house. These devices help to identify smoke or fire. They analyze the air in the room to identify possible smoke that would be released by fire, regardless of the nature and origin of this fire.

Smoke detectors have two types: Optical smoke detector and ionization detector.

The optical detector identifies the smoke with the help of LED light. When the smoke passes through the optical sensor, light scatters, and trigger the alarm. Whereas in the ionization detector, when smoke enters into its chamber, it reduces the ionization of air and activates the alarm.

If smoke is detected, the alarm goes off to warn you or your neighbors.

It produces a sound of 85 dB for standard homes. However, it produces 105 dB for public places, businesses, or large houses.

Detectors that communicate

Depending on the hardware you decide to install, you will find different devices.

DAAF stand-alone detectors are the most popular, especially for their purchase and installation cost.

That said, as the name suggests, they only work independently. It is, therefore, useful to wake up at night or to inform close neighbors when you are away.

On the other hand, if you are isolated in the countryside, with no neighbors nearby, then it is better to opt for networked detectors.  They will all trigger, then offering a more powerful alarm sound.

They also work with a GSM transmitter.

The owner of the accommodation or a surveillance service is then informed of the triggering of the alarm.

Where to install smoke detectors?

The smoke always rises, so it is essential to place your detectors in height. That’s why it’s best to put them on the ceiling, if possible.

You can place a detector chamber, but it is not mandatory. However, at least one detector per floor is crucial. It is advisable to equip the rooms with electronic equipment that remains on or on standby every night.

We also favor the corridor (s) leading to the bedrooms. So that we are awake before smoke enters these rooms and suffocates the occupants.

A little carelessness or negligence may cause serious accidents. This is why devices have been designed to make up for the shortcomings of human nature. The smoke detector is a means of prevention, which makes it possible to avoid the worst as soon as a fire starts. Knowing that the major part of the deaths due to fire takes place at night, installing it is therefore essential to preserve its safety.

Effortless installation and low maintenance

Installation of a smoke detector or a heat detector is not a daunting task.

You need to know how to use a drill, and to equip it with a 5 cm drill bit.

If you don’t have a tool or you can’t or don’t know how to install, then an electrician will do it for you.

If you rent an apartment, then it’s up to the owner to do the work at their expense.

Maintenance will, however, be the responsibility of the tenant.

You just need to check the correct functioning of the device once a year. Besides, change the batteries if necessary and dust the detector regularly.

Fire security alarm is a valuable investment to beef up the security of your family and assets. However, touch with your local fire authorities, whenever you access fire safety at your premises. It will make you sure that you’re up to fire codes and regulations. Moreover, also check that your fire detector system fulfills all your requirements.

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