According to the latest figures, from 40 million motorists, around 300 vehicles a day are theft. And today, thieves use technologically advanced means to steal cars. The recent statistics prove that 72% of cars are taken by directly connecting to the diagnostic socket in the vehicle. Here, we’ll discuss how to protect your vehicle from theft.

Let’s continue our saga on car theft. This time we will see the different ways and devices that can deter thieves from attacking your car. You will see, there are fortunately some solutions to prevent thieves from attacking your car.


The answer to this question is categorical: no. The most seasoned thieves can own any model of car. Hence, No one is safe from car theft. However, criminals are more likely to steal a vehicle that is not sufficiently protected. The oldest seduce them with their vulnerability.

Let’s see some devices, more or less expensive, to allow you to protect yourself. There is no miracle solution, so the best thing to do is to multiply the tricks to make the task more difficult for thieves.


The first tip is to use an alarm system. However, there are a considerable number of alarm systems on the market. But not all of them have the same functions or the same impact.

The alarm can be installed in different places in your car (ODB socket, battery, trunk …) depending on the specifics of the latter. Be careful, however, with the models connected to the on-board computer socket: a thief would quickly find it and disconnect it immediately…!

Count around thirty dollars for a correct model like this, and more for better quality equipment and more successful. However, an attractive price device fulfills its function if it installs correctly.

2. NEUTRALIZE ODB (On-Board Diagnostics)

Knowing that the on-board computer plug is often the necessary element, allowing us to start a stolen car. It can be interesting to neutralize the on-board computer plug to move it. The reason? This is because this socket can reprogram the computer and start your car.

By moving your ODB, the thief is found to be slightly lost and wasted time, which can discourage him from staying in the car. To transfer your ODB socket, contact a professional.

Also, be aware that this will not resolve all concerns. Most experienced thieves may not need this plug…!


Deterrence will only scare the less courageous thieves, but it costs nothing to test. Well, almost nothing. On the bottom of the front door windows, you can simply stick an alarm sticker, even if you don’t have one.

Thieves are like you and me. They prefer to go easier. The alarm (or at least its illusion) is an additional constraint that the car parked next to yours will not necessarily have.


Another alternative is the steering wheel lock. Has this device existed for decades and can dissuade an unauthorized thief from taking your car?

How does it work? Just lock the crook or club lock on the top of the steering wheel. So even if a thief manages to open and start your car, it can only go straight. In other words, he will probably give up.


Do you want to know where your vehicle is in real-time? The GPS tracker can be a good alternative. The location information will be sent directly to your smartphone, and you can follow the possible route of a flight. This tracer must, therefore, be particularly well hidden.

This can, hence, help prevent theft, guide searches, and maximize the chances of finding your car intact. The only downside: the thief may possibly have a wave jammer. In this case, the tracer will be of no use.


The real good idea to fight against theft is to opt for a circuit breaker. It is a device that is very frequently found on old cars (and racing cars!), with manual control, to cut off the power supply. Thus, as long as the circuit breaker is not disarmed, the vehicle will not be able to start.

This can, therefore, deter many thieves who will not understand why the car does not start. The circuit breaker must, consequently, be accessible with difficulty enough not to be identified. Note that there are mechanical and other electrical models.


There is no parade to eliminate the risk of having your car stolen completely. However, by combining these tricks, you will make it more difficult for the thief. The latter therefore has good reasons to turn to another car.

A vital precaution is never to leave your relevant documents in your car. This will complicate insurance coverage.

Do you know any other tips? You can let us know in the comments.

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