How to limit the risk of burglary or even theft in your car? Do you want to secure your vehicle from thieves? Yes! You’re in the right place.

Did you also know an experienced burglar only needs 30 seconds to steal your car? Even without having the key! Fortunately, there’re some preventative measures you can take for car-theft protection. Besides, it never leaves your vehicle running unattended. Moreover, close and lock doors and windows, anti-theft systems could be useful for you.

FBI Crime report shows that in 2017, over 773,000 motor vehicles were stolen. Car thefts are down slightly in the last decades (-2.8% in 2014 compared to 2013). However, it still represents more than 100,000 offenses per year.

Are you looking for the tips for best car theft protection? We’ve created a list of five types of these anti-theft devices (and other tips) to help protect your vehicle. 

Our advice and tips that are most often for a few tens of euros are enough to deter most thieves. Most of the new cars already have anti-theft features, whereas old cars are insecure and do not have these features. We assure you that our inexpensive techniques help you a lot.

1. Alarm system.

 You have probably accidentally activated the alarm system of a vehicle once in your life. We assure you that the sound of these alarms is difficult to ignore. You can install a vehicle alarm at the factory. However, it depends on the year, makes, and model of your automobile. It can alert you if someone breaks into your vehicle. Audible Alarms can also act as a deterrent to a thief because they draw attention to your car.

2.  Additional locks. 

It requires a little more manual labor on your part. But adding a lock or more to your vehicle once parked will make it harder for anyone trying to steal your vehicle or parts of your car. Here are some examples:

•    A steering wheel lock helps you to prevent someone from turning the wheels.

•    You can use a brake lock with the brake or clutch pedal. This device prevents the driver from depressing the pedal.

•    A wheel lock is a nut that installs on each of your wheels. Always remove it by using a special wrench. This will not prevent the entire theft of your vehicle, but also prevent you from having your rims or tires stolen. There is also a shoe locking wheel option that you attach to the tire to hold it in place. It prevents the vehicle from moving.

•    A hood lock is an additional precaution for closing the hood. Thanks to this device! You can’t open the car without the key. It protects everything under it (especially the engine).

3.  Immobilizer. 

This type of device prevents your engine from starting without the correct key. In fact, since 2007, immobilizers have been mandatory in all new vehicles, vans, SUVs, and light trucks. If you have an older or imported vehicle model, you should install it. However, choose only a reliable technician or mechanic for your vehicle wiring and computer system.

4. Install a Tracking System

The tracking system also is known as a vehicle recovery system. In case, if your car is stolen, the wireless or GPS technology of tracking system will help the police. They can recover your vehicle quickly with the help of monitoring service of your car location. 

5. Install a keyless entry system

It is also a reliable way to prevent your car from theft. As it is time-consuming for an evil-mind person to disconnect it and then steal your car. Moreover, always prefer parking in a lighted and not isolated place.

Please note that thieves are now using a number of tactics to steal your vehicle. Be careful when someone asks you to get out of your car, simulating a breakdown or an accident. Carjacking is becoming more common. Thieves are using a dangerous imagination to trick you into abandoning your vehicle. Drive with the doors locked, and the windows closed as much as possible.

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