Even if you take all the precautions in the world, you may lose your bunch of keys or also close the door behind you by forgetting them inside. Panicked, we can sometimes want to come in at any cost. In this frustrating situation, we try to open the closed door or the locked lock without thinking. Therefore damage it, which only generates other expenses like repair and replacement of door and lock. However, there are reasonably simple tips for opening a locked door without a key!


Indeed, you have already, at least once, had to have a problem with an intractable lock. Whether it’s in a toilet, your apartment, or even the place of work, it can happen anywhere. A broken key, a locked, slammed or blocked the front door, a broken barrel, a forgotten or stolen key…! All of which can make you have a bad quarter of an hour.

It may even happen one day that we slam the bedroom door, while the keys are in the key holder near the main door entrance. And unfortunately, you forget your mobile in the TV lounge. What will you do? Do you know how to unlock a locked bedroom door? We don’t realize it, but it’s often these small everyday events that end up becoming very problematic situations. Fortunately, there are a few techniques that will get you out of these unpleasant situations in less than two.


When you find yourself locked in the bedroom while no one is home. Don’t be panic. Try to find out the simple things that can help you to open a locked door. Remember, there are no wrong methods of opening your door when you lose your keys.

Use a hairpin

It is usually easily available in our bedrooms. This technique is very likely to succeed if your door is closed with a padlock or an ordinary lock. To do this, take a hairpin.

Open it at 90°, then cut it in half. Insert the hook into the lock, while exerting slight pressure with your thumb to stabilize it. Then place the pin at the top of the lock. While turning the hook in the direction of opening of the lock, shake the end of the pin. After a few moments, you will be able to unlock your lock.

A loyalty card

If you have a loyalty card with you, you can use it to open your bedroom door. Slide the card on the bolt of your lock, between the doorframe and the door. Shake the door. Make her tremble by kicking her lightly. At the same time, wave your loyalty card up and down where you inserted it. Note that this technique is only applicable if the door is slammed and not locked. If you have your credit card with you and not a loyalty card, give up this technique because you will surely break it.

The hammer

If you have a hammer at your disposal, you can knock on the handle. The hammer is the most basic and safest method, which guarantees you the immediate opening of your door with the destruction of the lock. With this technique, you risk, in addition to changing your keys, also changing your door.  Because it can leave the gaping hole left by the handle.

The X-ray technique

Yes, you are not dreaming! You can easily open a door with an X-ray. As long as it is simply slammed but not closed in two turns. This technique is the most popular among locksmiths. Because of the strength and flexibility, in addition to the fineness of this material. It allows opening a door without any risk for the lock. If by chance, therefore, you have an x-ray with you, here is the process you will follow to open your door.

Insert the X-ray between the doorframe and the bolt. Give the base of the door a quick, light kick or hand to make it vibrate. The vibration will slide the radio on the bolt, push it towards its housing, and therefore allow the door to open. This method is also valid for an armored door if it is not locked.

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