Today I will tell you some tips that I have learned from my experience. For days, when I was alone in my home. And accidently, I have locked myself in my room. Unfortunately, my phone was in the dining room. I tried my best, but my doorknob was not working. It was really a very anxious and apprehensive moment for me. Suddenly I thought about the spy movies in which detective open the locks in a couple of seconds. So, I thought I must try to open the door with a bobby pin. Fortunately, I got success after two or three hours. But after that, I have learned many tips and tricks to open the lock without a key. Now I know many tricks to open the lock if I ever stuck. Here, I gonna share a few proven tips to unlock the door with you.

A tightly closed door makes you feel safe at home, but it can also be a source of irritation when the lock works poorly. Especially when you locked yourself inside the room while nobody is there to help you. Remember that before you start picking the lock or forcing the door, you need to make sure you’ve no other choice. Take into account that some of the methods proposed here can have fairly long learning time. Remember that these tips are only for opening your own door, not to break the laws.

Open the door with a bank card

The use of a bank card is a prevalent method when it comes to unlocking a locked door. Even if it works very little on modern doors, this tip is appropriate.

Is the best choice for quickly entering your home? Be aware that once you use the card, it will be damaged. So choose one that you no longer use. However, it only works if the door is slammed completely. Laminated and flexible cards are more suitable.

Insert your card between the door and the door jamb. Preferably, put it lengthwise. Slide it over where the stud and the lock mechanism come into contact.

Then tilt the card down, trying to insert it behind the door lock. Make sure it is perpendicular to the door.

Pull it straight towards you while firmly operating the handle. If you’re lucky, the card should slide between the beveled part of the lock and the door jamb.

As long as the card remains between the hole and the lock, the door will open. This method is not beneficial if the door locked with the security lock.

Use radiography/ X-ray

Simple to implement, this maneuver will allow you to unlock your door without calling a locksmith. If the door is not double-locked, you can push the beveled latch bolt back by sliding the X-ray underneath to stop against the latch.

X-ray gradually pushes the latch inward. This gesture is to shake it to open. If your door has burglar-resistant angles, put a little lubricant on the X-ray.

At the same time, give a few quick movements upwards, and light kicks at the bottom of the door.

Use a Plastic Bottle

What if there is no radio on hand?

If you don’t have radiography, take a bottle of smooth plastic juice. Cut out the top and bottom of the bottle. Use the center as a flat plastic page. This resistant and flexible material can replace the X-ray.

You can also obtain this material from the recycling bins. Some people also use 1 to 2 mm thick rigid wire. Change its appearance until you get a “Z” shape.

Use a Screw Driver

You just need a thin flat tip screwdriver.

Place your hand on the handle by lifting it upwards. The goal is to succeed in doing it with a 360-degree turn gradually.

When you have managed to make a full turn with the handle, you will get success in breaking the piece holding the latch.

You will then have to shake the door back and forth gently. Then insert the screwdriver to remove the latch.

Hammer door opening

When it comes to opening a hammer-slammed door, this is one of the methods of ensuring the destruction of the lock. All you have to do is hit the handle hard, or even the door itself if it is not armored. If you manage to break and drop your handle, then you can open your door since there will be a gaping hole in the handle. If you want to inspire Jack Nicholson’s character in The Shining, remember that he preferred to die than to pay the locksmith.

Who among you has never experienced the misfortune of being locked up? Outside your home or locked yourself in the bedroom? Have you slammed the door by mistake? How do you handle this situation? Share your experience with us in a comment.

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