Individuals regularly use cameras to secure their homes, in particular, to combat burglaries. The effectiveness of video surveillance is a controversial issue. In the public debate, their exponential presence brings two camps into conflict. Some believe that it prevents illicit behavior. They also think that the main effect of cameras is to push crime into places where there is no video surveillance yet! Others argue that images from these systems can help uncover crimes. But they are violation or invasion of their privacy. Despite all these discussions, no one can ignore its importance about security. The supporters of technology always ensure that cameras are for the safety and protection of citizens.

These devices must, however, respect the privacy of those who filmed. What precautions should take into consideration when installing such devices?

An individual can install cameras in their home to ensure security. These devices are not subject to the rules of data protection only if they are limited to the strictly private sphere. In all cases, they must respect the privacy of neighbors, visitors, and passers-by.

Any technology, whether it is a security camera or video surveillance, comes with pros and cons. Technology invaded your privacy when we missed use it. The same is in the case of Security cameras. It became the only invasion of privacy when you install hidden cameras in someone’s bedroom or a public bathroom.

Respect for public freedoms

With video surveillance and the use of drones to fly over and monitor areas, the question arises of possible invasions of privacy. The violation of privacy so is a breach of the components of this intimacy.

In the context of video surveillance in public places, this practice is a violation of privacy. This is due to being filmed and recorded against their will.

But the minister warned: “Our goal is to ensure that these new technologies are used in any context in strict respect of the law and the rules governing public freedoms,” he added. “The doctrine”, we say, is being written to define in detail the framework for using these drones in the experimental phase.

Facial Recognition

About 100 million security cameras are operating all over the world. They’re installing for the security and protection of the public. However, some folks are anxious due to facial detection. They think that it is the invasion of the social rights act.

The exploitation of images and recording

Although cameras are a beneficial source of capturing crime. However, your surveillance misused in some cases, which can make your privacy at risk. Notably, it is in the case when users have wrong intentions. So, it’s imperative to hire professional people for operating a surveillance system. It prevents your data from misuse in the hand of the third party.

What precautions should be taken when installing the device?

Individuals can only film the interior of their property. (For example, the interior of the house or apartment, the garden, the private access road). No one can film the public highway, including ensuring the safety of their vehicle parked outside their home.

In particular, the images of his property can see any person entitled as the owner of the premises. Be careful, however, not to infringe on the privacy of the people filmed. Respect the image rights of your family members, friends, and guests!

Keep an eye on suspicious activity

The cameras of public and private networks not only dissuade certain thugs from taking action but also made it possible to detect several imaginary crimes. Where we discover that it was the complainant who burned his car or emptied his bank account with his allegedly stolen card.

However, indeed, CCTV does not protect anyone. It does not arrest criminals, terrorists, or incivility. But it helps to deter crime and provide evidence to catch the culprit. Cameras installed in courtyards, entrances to buildings, parks, schools, clinics, and other public places are only for our protection. They help us to investigate approximately 70% of the infringements. Therefore, when it comes to CCTV, I think it’s not an invasion of our privacy. Instead, they help to reduce illegal acts.  CCTV Cameras provides proof that the death of the victim is due to poison instead of a natural heart attack.

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