Each year, 2% of homes are victims of burglary or attempted intrusion. Even if nothing can stop a determined burglar, installing a device at home capable of delaying an intervention limits the risks. Such as install connected alarm kits, cameras, remote surveillance, etc., to reduce the risk of burglary. It is still necessary to choose the one that is appropriate according to the configuration of your home. Today, we gonna discuss types of surveillance security systems. It includes both alarm systems and cameras. 

Types of Alarm System

Regarding the protection of your home against break-ins, there are necessarily two types of Alarm: the wired system and the wireless system.

The wired Alarm

 We recommend the wired Alarm for anyone building their house since it is the most effective, although it is not so much in is used. Indeed, the wireless system is easier to set up. However, when the dwelling is complete, the wired Alarm is not desirable, since it is not suitable. Thus, the various elements of the Alarm seen previously connected by wires.

Besides, if you want to install a wired alarm in your home, you must first determine your needs because this installation is final. So you will have to think about the parts you want to protect.

Be aware. Moreover, wired alarm systems are very efficient and resistant. They can have a lifespan of about 10 years. Besides, these systems are suitable for large spaces. However, wireless alarms are not ideal for premises larger than 100m².

The wireless Alarm

It is easy to install and simple to use but remains less effective than the wired Alarm. This system remains the Alarm most used by individuals.

Since we do not connect the wireless Alarm, as its name suggests, to any wire. It transmits the information via a radio link to the central unit.

Of course, not having a wire, the installation is much more straightforward than a wired device. It is, however, necessary to install it and, above all, to configure it. Also, it is possible to re-use this device in another housing. Further, you can reinstall it after the expansion of your home. This wireless Alarm operates on batteries. It is necessary to monitor its charge level so as not to remain out of order.

Types of surveillance system

The surveillance security system includes:

  • CCTV Camera
  • Bullet Camera
  • Spy Camera
  • IP cameras
  • Dome Cameras
  • Wi-Fi Cameras
  • Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

Let’s discuss three other types of surveillance systems to protect your premises:

1- Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is a device that reinforces conventional alarm systems when they do not deter burglars. It is usually designed to monitor large premises and organizations. Remote monitoring is a device produced by a specialized company that you will pay monthly to which information will be transmitted via a telephone transmitter.

Of course, depending on the service you request from this company and the options you wish to add, your subscription will be more expensive. However, most often, the basic service is billed from around 15 Euros per month.

How does it work?

If a burglar manages to break into your home, the Alarm will sound. It will transmit a signal to the company that you’ve hired to intervene according to the contract terms. It will contact you, or your loved ones promptly and notify the authorities.

2- CCTV Cameras

CCTV is a security system mainly used by the police to reduce crime. It alerts you, even if individuals begin to look at this process as well. It is, moreover, a reliable and efficient system that works with cameras filming a specific area. Like remote monitoring, it is necessary to subscribe to a contract with a company corresponding to your needs.

To complete this device, you will also need to install an alarm system. It will trigger when a burglar breaks in, which will then alert the video surveillance company. Thus, it will intervene according to the options that you will have selected when signing the contract. It can bring someone with you to inspect the premises, warn your family and authorities.

However, thanks to new technologies, that you can keep an eye on your house by observing it from the internet.

3. Remote Alarm

The remote Alarm is a system similar to conventional Alarm except that it transmits signals through a transmitter to you or your loved ones in case of intrusion. You then receive text messages and calls. Be aware that calls persist until someone answers.

One or more motion detectors (volumetric protection)

If you’re living in a busy area, then you may need one or more motion detectors.

An alarm activation and deactivation system

It can be a remote control, a keyboard, or a badge. Almost all alarms can also be controlled remotely via a smartphone application.

An indoor siren

Its purpose is to hinder a burglar who has successfully entered the accommodation.

An outdoor siren

It must be powerful enough to alert the neighborhood and equipped with a flashlight to direct the police.

One or more cameras

Not essential, but highly recommended, they allow the owner to see live what is happening at home. Furthermore, it also helps to view remotely sequences taken at the time of the intrusion. They are handy for carrying out a “removal of doubt.”

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