Getting stuck in a locked room is a scary, stressful, and frustrating experience. It can happen any of us anywhere at any time. You may certainly face at least once in life the problem with a stubborn lock. If you thoroughly read this article, you’ll learn how to open a locked door with a knife.


 Whether it’s in a toilet, your apartment, or even the office, these crazy situations can happen anywhere. A broken key, a locked, slammed, or blocked the front door, a broken barrel, a forgotten or stolen key, all of which can make you have a bad quarter of an hour.

It may even happen that one day you slam the door, forget your keys inside, or you’ve to suffer the consequences of the wear of a lock. We don’t realize it, but it’s often these small everyday events that end up becoming very problematic situations. Fortunately, there are a few techniques that will get you out of this kind of unpleasant situation. Today we gonna discuss how to open a locked door with a knife.

Are you locked up outside your home or in one of the rooms of your house? You can no longer find the keys. Fortunately, it is generally possible to open a standard lock using a knife, even if it is a conventional butter knife. You can do this in different ways, but never enter a property that does not belong to you!

Knives are very effective because they are thin enough to fit through the cracks in the door. Besides, they’re strong enough to apply the right amount of pressure to the latch or bolt.

Identify the type of lock and try to understand how it works.

If it turns out that the door is blocked with a lock-in addition to the lock on the doorknob, you will not have much chance of opening it or at least not using a knife. However, if your lock has a spring-loaded locking mechanism or uses a latch, you can open it with a knife.

In the case of a spring locking mechanism, the latch comes out of a lock pocket. That may cause a door jamb and keeps it closed. If you turn the handle of the door, you can easily retract the lock, unless of course, it’s locked.

You can also use a knife to handle the lock of these types of doors.  As they can retract and open the door. The most accessible type of lock is the one with the locking system represented by a push button. To open such a lock, you just need to handle the interior enough so that the button jumps.

Get a knife to open the locked door.

Don’t use a very sharp knife to unlock a door. Use a knife with a thin but preferably flexible blade. Kitchen knives can work well like butter knives, or a putty knife can work, so consider using it first. As with a sharp knife, you can injure yourself in case of any mistake.

Insert the knife-edge in the keyhole.

Use the blade of a butter knife to achieve success. The lock should be a pin lock. Necessarily, you will use the knife as a torque wrench, or you will wave it like a wrench.

Put the knife between the doorframe and the jamb strike.

Slide the knife between the slot in the door and the doorframe, where the lock is located. Push it in until you assure that the tip or angle of the bottom of the knife on the door latch. Most people know how it works. You have to find a place where the door snaps.

Use another tool with a knife

You can also use a credit card with the knife to open a locked door. This will upsurge your chances of success open a lock with a knife. Place the knife blade in the keyhole of the stubborn lock. Use the knife to apply pressure to the latch and push it back into the door. You may need to wiggle your knife to find the best angle for moving the lock and slightly slide the card in the crack lock. If you did it right, the door should open.

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