In the past few weeks, several dogs and kids have already been found dead from heat, locked in stationary vehicles. We receive many reports every day, but sometimes it is too late to rescue the fallen animal or child after horrible agony.

An owner who leaves his child in his car to go shopping in the summer exposes him to heatstroke. As a result, potentially a horrible death through negligence. No Doubt, all parents love their children and leave no stone unturned to make their child secure. A baby locked incident happens mistakenly and accidentally. However, if witnessing the distress of the child, you too condemn it, out of indifference or pusillanimity. So in case of danger, break the window, but taking precautions…!

Of course, as a parent, we know that this directive can be a bit restrictive, especially when the baby is asleep. Indeed, nobody wants to wake up a child who is (finally!) Napping for a race that will only require a minute. Most of us also leave the child in the car due to this reason.

We can never say it enough. Yet if you park your car in the shade, never leave your pet or your child inside. Even for 10 minutes. They can go very quickly in danger of death. And if you witness a suffering kid in a car in direct sunlight, what can you do legally?

Call Police for help!

If you find the baby locked in the car, call the Police immediately. If you’ve also locked your phone in the car, borrow from someone nearby as it can create a severe emergency. Especially on a hot day, the temperature of a vehicle can rise dangerously.

Temperature can rise to 60 °C in 15 minutes

In fact, the temperature in the car can reach 40 °C in less than 10 minutes and even 60 °C in just 15 min during a heatwave. What if your path crosses that of a child, forgotten or voluntarily left in the car by his parents?

It is therefore strongly recommended to immediately call the emergency services (firefighters and Police), who will come to break the window themselves and take medical care of the child, in particular, to rehydrate and refresh him.

In case of imminent danger to the life of the child, it may seem necessary to intervene yourself. Then instruct the courts, if the owner files a complaint about damage to the property (glass breakage), to assess this imminent nature.

Block the sunlight

Suppose you see the child locked in the car while you’re going to buy something from a market. Or you may lock your car key with your kids in the car, and the sun is directly falling its light in the car. In these situations, block the sunlight by covering the windows of the vehicle. It helps to keep the temperature of the vehicle as soon as possible.

Call the Locksmith

If you’ve locked your keys with your kids in the car, call a nearby locksmith. It’s the best way to escape your infant without breaking window glass.

Some nuances

Can a three-year-old child be left in the car if his ten-year-old brother or sister supervises him? There is no minimum age set by law for a child to be able to stay alone. In the same vein, there is no minimum age for a child to babysit but is established between ten and twelve. However, it depends on its maturity. The child is responsible enough to keep and watch the youngest.

In short, one might conclude that it is not criminal to leave a child under the age of seven in the car. Provided that his brother or sister, aged ten and over, accompanies him.

Yet! Never leave the baby alone in the car. In the summer season, dress your child that allows airflows in their body. In case if you see a child locked in a car, don’t break the window as it can harm him and cause a serious emergency. If you know any other safety precautions, share with us in a comment.

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