Among the hot topics that are getting more and more controversial are security issues. In an effort to reduce car theft, many industries have decided to market a variety of car locks. The plethora of this accessory has created a difficulty for the community in their choice of purchase. All of us want the best anti-theft devices to secure our assets. However, it’s not a duck soup. To save you from making an unfortunate investment, we’ll give you an overview of the best car locks of 2020.

Steering wheel locks

It offers total deterrence and immobilization!

For budgetary reasons, you may not acquire an optional car lock when purchasing a vehicle. But as it is possible to mount it separately, why deprive yourself of it when the safety of your car is at stake? Unlike other systems, it is a deterrent. This is why the manufacturers (Stoplock pro, Kleinmetall, Carlok Deluxe, Cartec) often paint it in bright colors.

In reality, the secret lies in the psychological effect because once the thief’s attention is capture, doubt takes hold. And he finds it cumbersome to decide. Should he waste his time dismantling the steering wheel lock and thus increase the risk of being pinned? Definitely not!

However, deterrence may be insufficient against his burning desire to appropriate the property of others. If necessary, the car anti-theft bar equipped with a mechanical or digital lock can complicate disassembly. It allows it to ensure the total immobilization of the vehicle in front of a thief or a hacker. High-end models often have a built-in alarm that can emit over a hundred decibels.

Carteco Steering Wheel Lock

It is a rod-type anti-theft device. It allows you to lock both your car steering wheel and the brake, acceleration, or clutch pedal if it is a manual speed car.

This device is retractable with a maximum extension, which can reach 0.81 m. This allows it to adapt to all types of cars ranging from small city cars to large displacements. For its installation, just hang the first attachment at the steering wheel, on the lower part, and the other attachment at the pedal.

For locking the system, you will have a security key that you can use to lock and unlock the mechanism. You will also have another spare key, which will allow you to replace the first one in case of loss.

Kleinmetall Carlok Deluxe

The Carlok Deluxe brand Kleinmetall is a reliable and robust car anti-theft bar. It is fixed on the steering wheel to block it. It is famous due to its solidity. Thanks to its material of manufacture in hardened steel. A substance that is also certified by the ISO 9001 standard.

It is also one of the best anti-theft bars in its class due to its deterrent weight of 2 kg, which no one can twist easily. Regarding its installation, to block the steering wheel, simply attach it to the upper part of the steering wheel. You can lock the mechanism using the bar and another metal element that you will place behind the steering wheel. You will then need a key to be able to unlock the device safely.

XJ Airbag Locking Device

The steering wheel is one element that helps prime the car. Once blocked, it will make driving difficult, especially if a thief tries to drive it. You may, therefore, need a device like this to avoid running this risk.

This anti-theft bar has a 360 ° rotating fork. You can adjust it to all types of steering wheels. Dimensionally speaking, it is compact and small when folded. This will allow you to store it in your glove box. Unfolded, you will have to hang the first handle above the dashboard and the second, on the steering wheel. A hanging system is located in the middle of the device and attaches to the steering wheel. Once you locked the system, you will no longer be able to move the vehicle. Unlocking can only be done with suitable keys. Also, the handle of the lock is covered with PU leather. That add both solidity and aesthetics to the set.

Cartec 493222

If you’re wondering which car lock to choose, this Cartec brand model may be an option. It has two fixings that allow you to lock the steering wheel of your vehicle and one of the pedals. It is an anti-theft device that is retractable and which can extend up to 0.77 m for a minimum of 0.53 m and a width of 8 cm. Furthermore, its attachments can block a steering wheel with a maximum thickness of 3.8 cm.

Regarding the blocking system, it has a 5-digit code lock that can be set quickly on first use. In terms of its weight, it weighs 1.7 kg. It helps to deter thieves as soon as they notice the presence of the device.

Tire Locks

Similar to the wheel lock, no one can drive your vehicle if it is in place. You may probably see it around you. Police use it to lock the car, which parked illegally. This is a very intuitive and conducive option if it necessary for you. You can easily keep it in your car trunk and pop it on when obligatory.

Wheel N Bits

It is suitable for a car and comes in highly yellow color with locking system keys. This anti-theft wheel clamp lock can fits in tires between 13 – 16 inches.  Moreover, you can also use it on some 17-inch low profile tires.

Clamp device/Heavy-duty car security wheel lock

It completely immobilizes the wheel from rotating and turning. It is suitable for motorbikes, cars, trucks, scooters, and more. These wheel security locks are made up of weather-resistant steel. The self-coated clamp doesn’t cause any scratch or harm to your car wheel or rim.  

You can choose these devices according to your budget and your vehicle make and model. These anti-theft devices will protect your car from being stolen.

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